Blog - Month: September 2020

Photo for Confidence Doing Stressful Times

What happens if we lose motivation?

It’s very common to lose our motivation, that is the reason why it is so important to have a “Why” behind what we are doing. Our why is everything! My why for working so hard is to help provide a better life for my family. My daughter is...

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Life Requires Patience

Life sometimes requires us to be patient, especially when it comes to our goals, dreams, or accomplishing our purpose in life. Sometimes, the difference between those living their best live and those who are frustrated or hopeless is the...

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Virtual Networking

It is especially important during times like this for us to virtual network, especially during Covid-19. We do not have to network in person, there’s other ways that we can network with others. Some of the ways I have been able to network is through the National...

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