Blog - Month: January 2021

Photo for Confidence Doing Stressful Times

Are you being tested?

All of us go through a testing time in our lives. Some of us go through losing a family member or friends we are close to. Some of us get fired or go out of business or go through a divorce. It is very important to understand that you are...

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2021 Dream Big

It is a new year for all of us! We should all be dreaming bigger in 2021 and looking forward to a more fulfilled life. We all have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish in 2021. I always believed dreaming big is better than dreaming...

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Coping with Loss

A lot of us had friends or family members pass away last year. Some of us had to cope with the loss of loved ones. I’ve always felt that it’s a difficult thing indeed to call someone over the phone and say “I am so sorry for your loss.” After that’s done, what’s next?...

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