Blog - Month: February 2021

Photo for Confidence Doing Stressful Times

Do you acknowledge and celebrate others?

We all like to be acknowledged and celebrated in life for our hard work and accomplishments. It is especially important to take time to celebrate people around us! People want to feel respect, and if you think about it, you do as well. Reflect upon all the times you...

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Are You Believing for Great Things?

A lot of us have our goals, dreams, and our plans for our lives, but most of us do not even believe that these things will actually happen. I’m in love with CeCe Winan’s new song, “Believe for it.” I’ve been listening to CeCe’s song over and over again. I started...

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Are you waiting for your life partner?

This year for Valentine’s Day I thought about what I should talk about to give hope to someone that is possibly waiting for their life partner or praying to meet someone great. I did not have it easy before I met my husband at 37 years...

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