Are you being tested?

Jan 25, 2021 | Everyday, Motivation | 0 comments

All of us go through a testing time in our lives. Some of us go through losing a family member or friends we are close to. Some of us get fired or go out of business or go through a divorce.

It is very important to understand that you are not alone, that all of us go through testing times. My testing time was when I was fighting cancer, lost my home and lost my job all in the same time frame. We must trust and believe that there is a better day ahead of us.

Talking about being tested, I had a chance to interview Li’shey Johnson. She just released a new book called Why Not Me October One. Wow… she just happened to go through her testing time four years ago. Li’shey was working at a concert in Las Vegas October first, 2017. Some of you might remember that day: there was a tragic mass shooting. It took her years to recover, but now she’s sharing and trying to share the message of healing through her book. Please tune in this Saturday the 30th to hear her story. Li’shey is now an author and a real estate agent in Las Vegas.

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You can purchase Li’shey Johnson book Why Not Me October One on Why Not Me October One by Li’shey Johnson (

Li’shey Johnson’s book signing is going to be in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 28th at the Santa Fe Hotel and Casino from: 1-3pm.

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