Are you building your relationships?

Jun 7, 2021 | Everyday, Inspiration, KKLA Radio Show, Motivation | 0 comments

We all should be taking time out to build our relationships. It’s very important to think about and ask ourselves how we are building our relationships. What did you do to strengthen ties with your community, your friends, your family? With God?

These questions are especially important. One cannot expect to be ‘all about business’ with an emphasis on profit and then fail to look inward when your own child is troubled. Spending time with your own family, especially children will not pay the bills-but you will see that you reap other rewards for doing so. Therefore, I should know when to sacrifice time on the job for time with family.

And, when it comes to the workplace, making a client feel valued cannot be overstated. The relationship you build with a client is not like what you’d do with your own child, but making the effort to treat clients professionally while also adding a personal touch humanizes the experience. When we take the approach of sincerely saying “This client is now a part of our extended family and I want her to feel that way. I want to protect this person from anything that might go wrong’ the person on the other end of that phone or transaction will recognize your efforts,

Please listen to my interview with Susan Merrill. She works as chief marketing and program officer for Family First, an organization she founded with her husband. Their 2 major programs are and She also has a new podcast called Bible Book Club and that can be found on my blog

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