Are you waiting for your life partner?

Feb 8, 2021 | Everyday, Motivation | 0 comments

This year for Valentine’s Day I thought about what I should talk about to give hope to someone that is possibly waiting for their life partner or praying to meet someone great.

I did not have it easy before I met my husband at 37 years old. It was not easy for me to keep my faith that I was going to meet a wonderful partner. In 2015, I turned to God for help. I wrote God a letter describing exactly what I was looking for in a husband. I even put a date on when I would like to meet my husband; I prayed and believed it was going to happen for me.

I know it sounds like wishful thinking, a long shot. But five months after writing my letter to God for help I met my sweet husband Jayson on November 18, 2015. We had our daughter a year after and got married. If you’re reading this blog and you are hoping to meet your life partner this year in 2021 I want to tell you to write down what you’re looking for in a partner. Please know exactly what you want and ask for help from God, believe that you can have it. You may not get it on your timeline, but you will get it sooner or later. Have faith that it will happen for you!

God will play his part, and you have a key role in what happens next. What I mean by that is the Lord doesn’t just hand out favors for merely asking. In my case, I needed to become worthy of having a great relationship. I focused on self-love; at the time, after coming out of a serious relationship, I had certain doubts. I had to believe that I could one day have a great husband in my life and I was deserving of love from a great man, and then it happened for me.

Our Valentine’s Day show is this Saturday and is about my love story with my sweet husband Jayson Quintanilla. Jayson will be sharing his thought about how he felt before he met me, a sort of ‘He said-She said.’. We are sharing our story so we can give other single people hope and just to let them know that their time is coming.

Listen this Saturday, February 13th, at 4:30 PM on 99.5 KKLA. “You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry” is aired every Saturday at 4:30 PM and the program is broadcast on, KKLA App, iHeart Radio,,, and Alexa Smart Speaker. Speaker and Show Podcast

Make it a great day and week!



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