Coping with Loss

Jan 4, 2021 | Everyday | 0 comments

A lot of us had friends or family members pass away last year. Some of us had to cope with the loss of loved ones. I’ve always felt that it’s a difficult thing indeed to call someone over the phone and say “I am so sorry for your loss.” After that’s done, what’s next? No one wants to linger over a painful subject and nobody wants to say the wrong thing, or say something which was well-intentioned but misinterpreted.

I had to learn that I do not have to say more. I can just call and extend my condolences and then focus on listening. My guest on this week’s show offered her perspective on these matters.

I took the opportunity to invite Dawnielle Materre on my radio show this Saturday.

I wanted her to share with us how she is dealing with the loss of her father and how we can comfort others when they have someone in their lives who died. Dawnielle was awfully close to her father, and in the interview she shared some ways we can comfort someone who is coping with a loss because at some point all of us will be involved in a conversation regarding loss.

Dawnielle Materre is a woman of God and an athlete. Please listen to her story this Saturday, January 9, at 4:30 PM on 99.5 FM KKLA. The program is broadcast on, KKLA App, iHeart Radio,,, and Alexa Smart Speaker.

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