Do great things come to those that wait?

Aug 17, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments


All of us have heard this saying before, but do you believe it’s true? For some, the answer is no, especially when we have tried so hard to accomplish something and it seems like nothing is happening. It is hard to have patience when we feel as though we’ve done everything, we can do to make something happen to work in our lives. Sometimes all we can do is prepare ourselves by having a plan and then faithfully executing that plan. And after that?

Just wait.

After we have done our part of the planning and executing our plans, all we can do is wait for things to happen. That is the hard part for all of us, sometimes there is nothing else we can do if we have done our part. Well, instead of stressing about it, it is better for us to just move on. Or, if you can’t do that, why not look to create more opportunities that are going to help us achieve what we want?

I honestly believe it is best to wait patiently for things to happen naturally AFTER we have done everything that we can do to make it happen. Timing is everything in life, we all need to learn to be patient.

A great example of this took place recently when I had a chance to interview a lovely lady for my show “You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry” this week. Her name is Tanya Memme, and she is the host of the Emmy winning TV show “Sell This House” which successfully aired for years. At some point, the show was canceled, which happens frequently in the TV industry. Tanya had to learn to be patient and she had to learn to trust and not give up. And now? The show is coming back this September! I interviewed her about her journey, and one big takeaway for me was that patience is everything.

Please listen to my interview with Tanya Memme this Saturday, August 22, at 4:30 PM on 99.5 KKLA.” You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry” is aired every Saturday at 4:30 PM and the program is broadcast on, KKLA App, iHeart Radio,,, and Alexa Smart Speaker. Yes, great things do come to those that wait, you will know when you listen to Tanya Memme’s amazing story.

Make it a great day and week!


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