Getting Active During Covid-19

Oct 5, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

It is particularly important for us to be active during times like this. We can all find one activity that we can do while during Covid. Lots of us are working from home, so it is harder to stay active. I was lucky enough that my husband purchased an exercise bike for my birthday this year, after I was not able to go to the gym for four months. Before I got the bike for my birthday, I was just going on YouTube and looking up home workout videos. I did enjoy doing that every morning before starting home projects or work-related tasks for the day.

I would recommend home workout videos for staying active. Staying active really helps us not only to stay healthy, but also to help us have more energy to do more doing the day.

Also, other types of YouTube videos are great as they have a lots of fee dance, yoga classes, and more.

If you are fortunate enough to be working from home then I recommend the following:

  1. Don’t workout too late at night as you need to be able to have the lower amount of energy required to fall directly asleep.
  2. Working out in the afternoon might be right for some of you. It’s a good way to reinvigorate yourself as you go through your work day.
  3. I also love working out in the early morning. I wake up an hour and a half before my work begins so that I’m fully energized, beyond the “sleepy state”, and ready to give my all on the job.

What are some questions or criteria to create when deciding which activity suits us?

I think it is always good to do something that we enjoy, so it does not feel like our workouts are torture sessions. I always like to listen to dance music while I’m riding my exercise bike.

Or, let’s say that you don’t have equipment at home. Body resistance exercises are effective when done properly. If you want a great challenge, try planking. Start by just doing it for 20 seconds for the first three days of the week, and by Thursday or Friday try to see if you can extend your time to one full minute. You’ll feel great!

Make it a great day and week!


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