Historic Boarding School

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Schooling is an important part of the American experience. Some people find elements of school to be fruitless. There is endless memorization and this can lead to the thought that the things learned in school do not translate into boosting readiness and confidence when it’s time to enter into the workplace.

I know of a school which encourages the students to learn while simultaneously offering the opportunity for gainful employment.

The Piney Wood School offers not just the traditional core studies but also grants its students a chance to build real world experience by linking them with a paying job during the course of their stay at the school. It’s something Dr. Crossley proudly refers to as an Experiential Learning Curriculum. The school was founded in 1909, it is a boarding school that emphasizes professionalism. The students at The Piney Wood dress professionally every day and learn to work together collaboratively while on the job.

The Piney Wood School is giving back to our community, country, and the world by helping students from all over attend their boarding school. Dr. Will Crossley is not just the president of the boarding school, he also attended the school himself when he was 12 years old. And he has achieved a lot in his professional life. Dr. Will went back to help others get to their success and their dreams. Please check out and support The Piney Woods School as the school is currently offering 40 scholarship opportunities. This might be a great fit for your teen! The Piney Woods School also works with businesses for the purpose of funding those scholarships.

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