How can we fulfill a need in our community and in our world

Feb 1, 2021 | Everyday | 0 comments

All of us can fulfill a need in our community. First, ask yourself what people need.

I think people oftentimes think about how they might become an asset to the community but then fail to follow through. Even if you only did one charitable act per year, that would be a grand gesture which serves to improve our world.

For example, what about products that people need? I had an opportunity this week to interview Stacy Blackman, a mom that saw a need and got together with three other mothers. They came up with a product for boys. Not just any products for boys, but a skin care product that will help boys feel good about themselves and build their confidence.

As you know, we have a lot of skin care products in the marketplace for girls. Culturally, we likely feel that boys don’t want or need skin care products, but Stacy and her team looked beyond and realized that self-care matters for boys as well, so they came up with a skin care product that is just for boys’ skin. The product is called Stryke Club.

This is a great example of fulfilling a need. She decided to share the product with all boys, and if you are interested you can purchase her product on their website and in Target stores as well.

Please tune in to listen to Stacy Blackman’s wonderful story and her journey of fulfilling a need for boys through her skin care products this Saturday February 6th at 4:30 PM. Listen to my show “You are being tested, do not worry.” The program is broadcast on, KKLA App, iHeart Radio,,, and Alexa Smart Speaker.

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