How to Cope with Fear

May 28, 2020 | Motivation | 0 comments

Fear is the last thing many of us want to think about because we get anxious. We start to worry about the outcome of a situation, allowing our fear to distract us from accomplishing our goals. For the last few weeks, some of us have had real fears about losing our jobs or our income,
leading to questions like “Am I going to have the necessary income to sustain myself, my way of life? Will I even be able to pay the rent?”

I’ve come to realize that all I can do is complete my daily activities, work hard at my remote job, and accept the fact that I cannot control certain situations. I’m going to share now how I’ve dealt with my own fears and anxiety during this time, and I hope it helps you, too.
When we come to accept this critical truth, that we CANNOT control every aspect of life, then we have a very good chance at maintaining a healthy perspective during times of stress. In fact, most of the fear and anxiety we have is self-imposed.

How do people generate fear? People generate fear because there are challenges that are difficult to deal with, or the uncertainty of the future leaves many wondering what is going to happen next. I generate fear because I sometimes doubt that things will work out; I tend to set goals and
make plans for the week but find myself concerned about whether or not these plans will actually materialize in the way I’m hoping.

When I feel myself sinking down this slippery slope, I make sure to keep faith; I tell myself that everything is going to work out, and I believe that there will be a better tomorrow. When I write these words it is not a simple mantra. I deeply believe in them.

Quick Tips:

  • Write five things that I am grateful for every morning.
  • Read your Bible in the morning before starting your day.
  • Take care of yourself by working out, meditate, and find ways to relax.


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