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Sep 8, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

It is especially important during times like this for us to virtual network, especially during Covid-19. We do not have to network in person, there’s other ways that we can network with others. Some of the ways I have been able to network is through the National Association of Women virtual networking events and being a part of the American Cancer Society community of volunteers.

Why should people virtual network?

People should virtually network because it gives us an opportunity to be around like-minded people. I think it is particularly important to feel that we are a part of a community; feeling like we are alone is not a good feeling. Virtual networking can help us get jobs if we are looking for work. I think sometime even volunteering virtually is a great way to meet great people. Some advice I can offer to someone that is thinking about virtual networking is to be open to meeting new people and to be open to learning about what they do and what they are interested in. For example, I met one of my mentors, someone that I respect who I call ‘My Angel’, at the American Cancer Society. I was fighting cancer, and because I was around the American Cancer Society, I was able to meet Raylene Sausedo. I met Raylene through a program called Reach to Recovery, and 13 years later we are still in each other’s lives.

Please tune in September 12/20 this Saturday at 4:30 PM to listen to Raylene Sausedo’s story on KKLA 99.5 FM “You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry.” The program will broadcast on, KKLA App, iHeart Radio,,, and Alexa Smart Speaker. Raylene is such a giver, she worked in the prison system for 23 years and she has been a volunteer for Reach to Recovery with the American Cancer Society for eight years. Raylene has an amazing story, she is always looking for ways to give to others in our community.

Make it a great day and week.




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