Where to look for Career Inspiration

Jul 13, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

So, you’ve completed your college studies. What next? For some, the answer is not always an easy thing to see.

It took many years after I completed my schooling to truly begin focusing on my passion. I was fortunate enough to eventually see that my biggest career aspirations were to write and publish a motivational book and to become a motivational speaker. I did not quite know how to publish a book or how to become a motivational speaker. I volunteered for eight years for the American Cancer Society speaking and met other authors that helped me publish my books.

I was always passionate about motivational speaking and inspiring others to accomplish their goals. How could I turn that into a career? I certainly didn’t know when I was 20! I had done plenty of speeches on behalf of the American Cancer Society, and I slowly began to learn about leaders in the field. I started looking for speakers that made a career from speaking and I learned what they did to accomplish their career goals.

I always enjoyed building relationships, inspiring others, and seeing other people accomplish their goals. So, the passion was there, but what was lacking was focus and a clear plan. If I could go back into the past to advise myself as a younger woman, I would have said: “You have the drive, but all of that energy won’t count for too much until you focus on what’s important in order to build towards a career.”

As you move towards the pathway of success, change, and growth, know that it’s good to learn from the people in your field who have already done it, and done it well. They likely have many of the same skills and assets you both possess and cherish, and by adding in the key element of thoughtful planning and preparation, you’ll be nearly unstoppable.

Make it a great day and week.


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