Who do you need to forgive?

Aug 10, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

We all have someone that we can forgive. Forgiveness is something that many of us must learn to do. It’s only natural; someone wrongs you in some way, and you have an angry, hurt response. Sometimes, we hold our tongue, but also hold onto a grudge.

It could be that you are holding on to a grudge against a coworker that maybe said something to offend you. Or even holding grudge against friends or family members that have missed treated us in the past. Holding on to all the anger and hurt against someone will only hurt us more than them. Especially if they do not even know that they have done or said something to hurt us. Think about the absurdity of a situation where you heard someone’s words, held a grudge against that person for what was said, but the whole time the offender never even knew that you were upset, that there was an issue.

One belief I hold true is that, just as I know the situation above could happen to me, it also could happen in reverse. Did I use my words carelessly, and harm someone? I know I need their forgiveness, and I feel like that may never come unless I first learn to forgive others who have done the same to me.

So, if you are reading this today, this might be a sign that maybe it is time to forgive your coworker that did you wrong. Or forgive your friend or your family member that hurt you in the past. It may not be easy. Forgive others so you can live a full and happy life. There’s so much peace that comes with forgiving others, and it has allowed me to feel, to live my best life and feel happier. In my upcoming course ‘Create Your Best Life’ I address these issues in depth. Please go to my website and go to course and sign up for the next course coming up.

Make it a great day and week.

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