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Jul 6, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

I joined the International Association of Women as an influencer, which has transformed my life completely. I was looking to connect with women in business and to join an exclusive online community of dynamic, intelligent, and accomplished women from varying backgrounds and fields to enhance my business and personal success. I first found out about the International Association of Women on LinkedIn where it said some of the benefits of joining IAW is to expand the network while keeping the networking base strong. IAW has over 100 local and 1000 virtual and in-person events.

The IAW is about helping women stay connected with their advanced online platform, where women can build their network, promote their brand, find new career opportunities, and network with other women through programs such as eChapter and eCoaching. I like the events and socials that IAW Association hosts monthly. For example, this month we have an eChapter event called “Are you at Risk of Burnout” and “Building the Mindset and Influence Next Level in the New Normal”. These events and socials have helped me to better connect to a vibrant community of women from all different walks of life. I like surrounding myself with women and people that inspire me to be at my best!

If you are interested in these things, in taking the next step in your personal or professional life, then I encourage you to look into IAW. If you would like to sign up, follow the instructions by clicking this link: iawomen.com/join

Use the code FGA-3202. We do have different packages and costs that fit your budget.

Make it a great day and week.




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