Work And Family Life Balance

May 28, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

With some of us now working from home, many people are balancing work and family life.
However, with the recent coronavirus pandemic, balancing work and family life has become
difficult for some people. Schedules are changing, kids are at home, uncertainty reigns; all of
those things become large factors during a ‘stay in place’ policy. Throughout the last couple of
weeks, I have been able to balance my work and family life. This is what I’ve tried to do during
this challenging time.

Before I can begin my workday, I must establish my foundation, which begins at home with my
family. Being able to communicate effectively with my family has allowed me the opportunity to
succeed. For example, I make sure I have a daily plan that includes meal planning for the day,
breakfast, and lunch ready for my family. As a result, I have been able to confront the challenges
I have at work, and I can complete any task at hand.

Setting boundaries with my family and clients give me the freedom to take care of both
environments during the day. I make sure I communicate with my husband and my clients
regarding what time of day I can help with anything or the best times to reach me. However,
saying no is difficult at times because I am passionate about helping others. I’ve come to realize
that sometimes, I just have to say no. That is normal, and that is an important part of maintaining
balance. And, if I said “No” to you today, I also might have a way of making it up to you

Setting daily and weekly goals and timelines is something we all need to have and doing so
requires hard work and dedication.

The benefit of having a healthy work & family life balance is I have less stress in my life. And of
course, with less stress I am able to focus more of my energy into the projects I am passionate


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