Blog - Month: July 2020

Photo for Confidence Doing Stressful Times

How do we Make use of our time?

The best way for us to make use of our time is to have a daily plan or to do a list for the day. We all know planning ahead of time can really help us to be more organized and to have everything done on time. I’m a big believer in writing things down as a means of...

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How to Stay Focused at Work

Do you ever feel it is harder to stay focused while working from home? As most of us are now working from home, staying focused at work has become even more challenging for a lot of us. Some of the great ways to stay focused is to start the day with a plan of what we...

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Where to look for Career Inspiration

So, you’ve completed your college studies. What next? For some, the answer is not always an easy thing to see. It took many years after I completed my schooling to truly begin focusing on my passion. I was fortunate enough to eventually see that my biggest career...

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Women Association

I joined the International Association of Women as an influencer, which has transformed my life completely. I was looking to connect with women in business and to join an exclusive online community of dynamic, intelligent, and accomplished women from varying...

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