SEEK Coaching

Service: Be a service to others
Encourage: Encourage others to live their best life
Educate: Give them tools
Kind: Listen and take an interest

It is rewarding to coach people to achieve success in both their private and professional lives.

With Seek Coaching I will help you identify what is holding you back from having everything great that you always wanted for yourself but have yet to achieve. In every life there is a challenge; our mission is to equip you with the tools and proper mentality to overcome those challenges.

In short, when you Seek Coaching I will listen to you with open heart, ask questions, and give constructive feedback.

My team and I at Seek Coaching speak to myriad issues such as: business, career, family, mid-life issues, relationships, retirement, spirituality, self-awareness, time management, wellness, weight management, and work/life balance.

Coaching Services

Coach individuals, groups, business, enterprise, nonprofits, churches, and schools. I deliver my services in-person, online, or by telephone. I offer 10 minute “laser” coaching sessions on the telephone, meet clients in person for half hour sessions, conduct full day training programs for companies, or present weekend retreats for groups of individuals.


Each Coaching Session is 30min long and set on a mutually agreed upon day & time. Some additional options are available below.

3 Month Session

3 Months 12 Sessions


4 Month Sessions

16 x 30min Sessions

Group Coaching

12 x 90min Sessions

(10 People)

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching, factoring employee retention, greater productivity, and increased sales. Intangibles such as employee incentives and better motivation have also been included in these studies. The consensus is that coaching has been effective in the overall improvement of the workplace. Please email for corporate coaching package pricing (Corporate Coaching package starting $5,000/ month).

Business owners: now is an unprecedented time where you likely have struggled with employee retention. Our program will be attractive to business owners as we address the issues involved with training, productivity, and employee retention. Everyone knows that a happy employee will stay motivated and loyal. But…how do we get there? Seek Coaching to find out!

Seek Coaching

Please fill out the form on this page and someone on our coaching team will call you and set up a time for your coaching session.

Thanks for your interest and we will get back to you as soon as possible.