6 Tips on Staying Motivated During Difficult Times

May 28, 2020 | Motivation | 0 comments

Our way of life has been dramatically impacted lately and many people are having difficulty adapting to
these changes. Many of us miss having face to face interactions with friends and family and now we must
communicate with them through a window, across the building, or through some form of technology. It’s
funny how often we catch ourselves complaining about going to work, but people surely know by this
time that going to work is something we all need. So is spending the weekend at a museum or taking q
walk in the park, celebrating special occasions. How can we stay motivated during these difficult times?
The following six tips are directly from my book “You Are Being Tested”, and I hope they offer the
motivation necessary to continue pursuing everyday activities.

1. Always listen to yourself, your instinct
There will always be circumstances that may scare us and keep us from trusting ourselves, but you are the
only person who knows yourself best. You know every pain, discomfort, what makes you relax, and how
your body reacts to specific things. Trust yourself and do not just rely on someone else’s opinion,
especially if their opinion differs from what you feel in your gut.

2. Never give up, always look for a solution
We will all hear bad news throughout our lives and go through tough challenges, but it is important to
look for a way to overcome each challenge. It is much easier to just give up and walk away from the
problem, but that will never fix it. Build strength against the waves that try to push you down because it is
not in how you fall, but how you pick yourself back up that you will succeed.

3. Don’t lose sight of faith
It does not matter what faith you belong to; you must believe that there is something greater than yourself.
That there is a higher purpose for which you were put on this earth. Do not let your current situation keep
you from the faith that will guide you and keep you on the right track in life.

4. Keep a positive attitude
The challenges that you currently face will not stay in your life forever. It does not matter if you are going
through a divorce, fighting cancer, or have lost a loved one, this challenge shall pass, and you will rejoice
valiantly. By keeping a positive attitude, you will be able to overcome any obstacle that stands in your
way, and you will make it out stronger than when you first started going through this challenge.

5. Visualize yourself having a better life
Life may seem impossible to get through, but if you take the time to visualize yourself in a better
circumstance than the one that you are currently in, you will live happier and get to where you want to be.
Do not doubt that things will get better, because they will. It is just up to you to accept the challenge and
fight through it.

6. Embrace love
Love is the key to many things in life, especially when faced with trials and tribulations. Love the people
around you, love yourself, and love your life. Never cease to love one another so that we may live in
peace and harmony.


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