How I Survived Breast Cancer and Became a First Time Mother

May 28, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

I feel really blessed to have my angel, Jayda. When I had breast cancer, I was told by my doctor that I may not be able to have a baby. Still, I never lost faith and had hope for a family in my future. I was able to marry my loving husband, Jayson Quintanilla and have my beautiful little girl with him. I feel really blessed to be a mother. With my struggles I decided to write a motivational book. The reason I called this book, “You are Being Tested, Do Not Worry,” is because all of us are tested in life. Surviving cancer is a test most people struggle to overcome, but you can overcome any test by using the internal tools that everyone has access to such as faith, hope, acceptance, love, and choice. My journey is to share my story through this book and speak to inspire others to keep living and loving life.
I would love to hear your story on how you overcame a testing time in your life. Sharing your story may help someone else going through a hard time in their life.


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