Let’s help to make 2021 a great year!

Dec 28, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

I know, it is hard to trust that 2021 will be a better year for all of us, especially when we are still dealing with COVID-19. I’m certainly grateful that we are starting vaccinations across the country. Two things we must focus on when starting 2021:

  1. We must trust that things will get better.
  2. Being healthy in 2021 means protecting yourself AND others from the virus

I know it is hard to trust, and have faith, and believe something better is coming when all of us have been affected by COVID-19. But we must leave behind the negative feelings and move forward. I have friends in 2020 that lost family members, I had friends that survived COVID-19, and I had family members that lost their jobs during COVID-19. I even know people that owned business and were forced to close their doors.

So, how do we get to a point where we can build upon this trust, the notion that things can and will get better in the new year?

Things get better when we make it so. You can do something to improve the world, and I can as well. If your family is down, start by helping them first. Or, you can find ways to help the people around you in your community. For example, there was a great story in the news recently about a southland resident who knew his neighbor’s small business was struggling. What did he do? He volunteered to work at his store for free.

If we all find a way to help each other, we will all get through it. When you see the fruits of your labor from helping those around you the feeling of trust will spread; you will have played a vital role in the building of a better 2021. In essence, I start to have trust in a better future when I see that I had a hand in the creation of that better future. Taking an active role in making things better around you can only lead to positive thoughts springing from within.

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