Life Requires Patience

Sep 21, 2020 | Everyday | 0 comments

Life sometimes requires us to be patient, especially when it comes to our goals, dreams, or accomplishing our purpose in life. Sometimes, the difference between those living their best live and those who are frustrated or hopeless is the quality of patience. People can give up too quickly!

We have all heard the saying ‘timing is everything,’ and it’s so true. I also believe doing something every day which pushes us closer to our goals is especially important. For example, I always wanted to motivate and inspire others through my books and speaking. I did not know how I was going to do it, but I honestly believed that if I did something every day and had patience, I would reach my goal one day.

If we don’t take action to make your goal into a reality the dream could die.

Having a plan and executing that plan faithfully will get you to the promised land. It may take years. People have this dreadful misconception that all one needs is intelligence, or some innate ability, in order to reach success. But, the work of Dr. Carol Dweck and others has shown that determination, grit, and perseverance are incredibly important, oftentimes even more than something like intelligence. I want to say that having determination towards accomplishing a task or goal goes hand-in-hand with having patience.

We may have to take different paths to get to our goals or our purpose in life. I know I didn’t follow the straightest path possible to get where I am! In my case it took EIGHT YEARS before I reached the spot I wanted to be! Simply put, I prayed, kept the faith, and had a great deal of patience.

I had a chance to interview Pastor Keith Alan and his wife Maral on my show “You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry” on KKLA. They are both pastors at Purpose Place church in Tarzana. They also have a children’s themed TV show called Time to Dance and are influencers in the gaming sector. Please tune in this Saturday Sep 26th at 4:30 PM Pacific time and listen to their journey.

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